11-01-2014 - Update
After nearly 72 hours of being sleep deprived and under merciless pressure, our technicians finally have a product that we would only put your name on. By now... The beta-testers are underwhelmed with our recent additions, and we expect you will have a reaction too! Your name will never be the same after using our services, and we are hardly working to make that happen! Contact us if you have successfully setup your account. Thank you.

09-21-2015 - Update trusted us with their cutomer support issues, we put our knowledgable staff on the case... and let's just say that customer support is not a problem anymore! Just another example of how YourNameHelpDesk is redefining what your company constitutes as a problem!

08-21-2015 - Update
We have begun publishing our knowledge base, so you can start exploring its vast vacuity today!

08-10-2015 - Update
In an effort to keep complaining and whining to a minimum, we had decided to disable the Open a ticket page. This action did not sit well with the bean counters, and since support is our primary source of income... we were forced to reopen the "Open a ticket" page. If you have a situation that you would rather pay somebody else to fix, you can now open a new ticket at any time.

06-08-2020 - Restored Login page
We have heard your numerous complaints regarding the removal of our Login page, so we have buckled to public demand (and loss of customers), and restored access to the Login link in the menu-bar. We have not actually tested it yet, as we typically respond to problems, we don't go looking for them.