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Stupid questions

To be fair...  it's not that the questions are stupid, it's the people asking the questions that are stupid.  Here is a brief compilation of some of the stupid questions we will get asked, all of the time.
      Are you guys for real?
      Perception is reality, while reality is perception.

      We are not qualified to diagnose your perceptions,  nor would you like what we had to say.
      If you are experiencing issues YourNameHelpDesk always recommends that you start with: 

      Turning it off, and turning it back on again

      What does YourNameHelpDesk do?
      Here at YourNameHelpDesk we do one thing, and that's all we do!
      Remember: A help desk by any other name is not: YourNameHelpDesk

      Can you help me with "such and such" problem?
      The answer to that question is subjective to numerous stimuli.  We have listed those stimuli in order of importance:
      1. How much are you willing to spend?

      YourNameHelpDesk claims to be able to fix any problem that you agree to pay for!

Internet access

Here is a list compiled by YourNameHelpDesk of common solutions to internet access issues
      My internet worked earlier but not now, what can I do?

      Don't worry, it's a common misconception so let us clarify: It is not your internet!

      Where can I get free WiFi?

      Any place that doesn't charge for it
      Hint: Unsecured networks are the easiest to access