About Us

Thank you for considering adding to YourNameHelpDesk's viable income through outsourcing your company's burdensome customer support issues. Here at YourNameHelpDesk we know your customers are your most valuable asset, and they have problems.


Why should customer problems hinder your business? YourNameHelpDesk has trained professionals that can do it for you!

  • Customers hurting your bottom line with their problems? YourNameHelpDesk can do that!
  • Tired of customers asking stupid questions? YourNameHelpDesk can do that!
  • Tired of customers complaining all the time? YourNameHelpDesk can do that!

There is no limit to the services that we claim to provide, and when it comes to claiming things - YourNameHelpDesk can do that! You won't believe our pricing either, our customers are constantly asking "How can they charge this much?" Remember, at YourNameHelpDesk, you don't always get what you pay for, but you pay for what you get!