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Unless you are that one, YourNameHelpDesk welcomes you and everybody like you. Here at YourNameHelpDesk we invite you to pay too much money for a service that has been over saturated for years. Why should you sign up with yournamehelpdesk.com?

Unlike those other guys that base their reputation on their quality of service, we have no reputation and quality is a term that has never been used against us! The other guys also inflate their prices because their name means something. At YourNameHelpDesk we don't charge you more just for a name, we charge you more for your name.

Why did this website fail once already? We know, so let us demonstrate what we learned!
Simply submit a ticket and you'll be like so many others, talking about YourNameHelpDesk!

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Please turn it off then turn it back on again, before contacting YourNameHelpDesk for help.

We have found that our technicians sleep better when dealing with detailed requests. If you are trying to update a previously submitted ticket, please don't.

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After a thorough review our lawyers have advised against access to our ticket archives. So instead, we have decided to list the email addresses of those that have abused the YourNameHelpDesk ticket system.


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There is a really good chance that if you are experiencing an issue, that somebody else has already dealt with the same issue. YourNameHelpDesk has established a knowledge base so that you may be empowered by the misfortune of others.

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